Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Samoa Holiday: Give Wings to Your Dreams

If you are dreaming to enjoy an opulent holiday, away from the fuzz of the world in tranquil atmosphere with white sand beaches, palms swaying gently on the cool sea breeze and the natural beauty with cascading waterfalls, majestic caves and magnificent waterfalls, then nothing but a Samoa holiday is a perfect answer.

Samoa is composed of 8 islands which are unique in their own sense and welcome the visitors with lush tropical rain forests, cascading waterfalls, high mountains, sapphire water, golden sand beaches and deep valleys. Some of these islands have human population, while others inhabit the unique flora and fauna that abounds there. These islands are a charm to visit and therefore the place generates a nice flow of Samoa tourism.

There are many hotels in Samoa that give you a complete pampered treatment. Whether you are on a holiday with your family, on a honeymoon trip or just to witness the artistic appeal of the nature, Samoa holidays are a perfect choice. Samoa has something for everyone whether you are young sports enthusiast or a nature loving person. You can indulge yourself in various water sport activities like scuba diving or you can just sit and relax, reading your favorite book.  Some of the other activities in which you can participate while your stay in Samoa: are fishing, diving and surfing. The Samoa holiday also gives you a unique opportunity to swim with turtles. The mind blowing reefs around the islands are home of some marvelous fishes that can add an unforgettable experience in your life. Another way is to get indulged in the recreational therapy that various spas and hotels in Samoa offer.

If you want to spend some time away from the ocean, Samoa has a lot more to offer. Take a trip to the tropical rain forest, try hiking in the mountains or immerse yourself in the traditional Samoan culture. Take an organized tour offered by various hotels in Samoa to witness some of the stunning sights at a remote location.

Try different food, watch the Samoan dance and traditional life. The Samoan men will entertain you with a lively slap dance or feel free to try the Samoan siva in which young maiden narrates her story through graceful movements. Other than this, you will surely love the fire knife dance called Siva afi, where young men rapidly twirl burning knives around themselves. Your Samoa holiday is incomplete if you haven't tried the vast array of delicacies that the place offers. You can try freshest seafood- crayfish, tuna and much more. All these are caught fresh daily. These are complemented with fresh tropical fruits and vegetables that are grown on the islands.

In the end, whether you make your Samoa accommodation lasts for a week or a month, you will surely carry home some of the special memories that you can cherish forever.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Unique Samoa Accommodation Experience

Samoa accommodation is about giving you the best comforts and making you feel at home after a day spent in and around the beautiful lush island.

A popular four star resort in Samoa, Le Manumea, is centrally located in the cooler hills of Apia. Other than its convenient location, guests of Le Manumea prefer to stay there because of the extended hospitality from its owners, Luna and Norman. Both Luna and Paul showcase Samoa’s unique culture through their resort.

The green and floral landscape of Le Manumea Resort spreads along a one acre land area in the cooler hills of Apia. The Resort has 12 executive suites each designed and decorated to portray a touch of Samoan culture in the modern styled units. Each room is outfitted with convenient comforts such as television, mini fridge, DVD player, air conditioning, fan, microwave and so forth. Le Manumea’s reception area is warm, welcoming and complimented by a nearby dining area, lounge, and a picturesque garden with an elegant shaped swimming pool.

On a mission to provide guests with a unique cultural experience, Le Manumea Resort takes pride in showcasing Samoa through its tropical decorated rooms, lush gardens, friendly island service, and its ongoing activities for its guests. Situated in a central location and spread along one acre of land the Resort offers 12 bungalows, a swimming pool and a fine dining restaurant with bar.

Le Manumea Hotel, Luxury accommodation Samoa in a traditional luxury Samoa Resorts style. Samoa hotel with fantastic view and cool breeze. For more details and information on samoa holidays visit

Friday, 3 February 2012

Le Manumea Resort offers a unique Samoa Accommodation Experience to its guests -

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Relax your Mind and Soul in Samoa

Samoa, a group of islands, located in South Pacific Ocean, Halfway between New Zealand and Hawaii, and east of International Date Line is sometime referred to as the "treasure island". There are so many experiences that you can get indulged into while being in Samoa resorts. From relaxing on white beach while sipping your favorite cocktail, enjoying water sports or witness the beauty of nature, Samoa is a perfect retreat for nature and culture lovers. Samoa does not only have beautiful waterfalls, sunshine all year round, also exciting experiences like blowholes and amazing caves, something special for all ages.

If you are planning for a holiday that should be able to relax your mind and soul, then Samoa can be the next destination for you. Whether you are a single traveler, a family or honeymooner, the pristine and luxuries Samoa resorts have everything to offer.

If we talk about accommodation in Samoa, there are a range of accommodation that varies from luxury hotels in Samoa to cheap motels and Beach Fales (traditional huts).

Samoa is a paradise for the travelers loving water activities, as it offers all kind of water sports varying from adventurous sports like scuba diving and surfing to the soothing ones like fishing. For people seeking mind blowing marine life, they can’t get a place better than Samoa. Samoa offers a huge variety of exotic fishes, turtle, sharks and dolphins. You are sure to get astonished by the magical beauty, both above and below the water.

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